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Easy to use editor, with powerful tools

Symbly features an easy-to-use editor with drag-and-drop simplicity, as well as a set of powerful tools to help you create all kinds of visual supports.

Access Anywhere
Runs right in your browser wherever you are; nothing to install, no updates or symbol packs to buy. You can even edit supports on your iPad.

Fast Image & Symbol Searches
Search Google Images, Flickr, SymbolStix™, Straight Street Mulberry, and Noun Project symbols with one integrated search box.

Custom Image Library
Build your own custom image library by starring your favorite results to save time in the future.

Easy Picture Uploads
Just drag and drop into the window, or use the Upload button for a more traditional approach.

No Worries
Your work is auto-saved every 5 seconds, and we backup everything daily to give you peace of mind.

Visual Supports & More
Create visual supports of all kinds, including schedules, narratives, work systems, behavioral supports, communication boards, power cards — the list goes on!


Make a button into a checkable list item or a link to another page. Create schedules, storybooks, and other interactive supports with one click.

Real-Time Collaboration

Edit supports in real-time with other users, even if they’re across an ocean. Great for tele-practice and training, or work with a client or parent while getting immediate feedback.
Read more (and see a demo)…

Seamless Printing

One click downloads any support as a PDF so you can print it, email it, or put it on a zip drive.

Five Star Support

We promise to always offer quick, friendly support for any issue you may encounter. We answer every email and call personally.


An entire library at your fingertips

We’re building the premiere community of parents and professionals who are excited about creating amazing visual supports.

You’re In Control
By default, all your supports are private. It’s up to you to decide which ones you want to share with the world.

Make it Your Own
You can easily print or view a shared support as-is, or with one click create a copy that’s all your own to customize for your unique needs.

Be Social
Rate supports, offer comments and feedback, and copy to improve. We give the entire community a voice.

Everyone’s Invited

Symbly gives you the unique ability to share with anyone, even if they’re not a Symbly user. We won’t make them sign up just to view or print your supports. Share your customized supports with your student’s family just by sending a link.

Share with Teams

Symbly lets you collaborate with groups of other users to form teams. Each team also gets a special link that you can share with anyone (even people without Symbly subscriptions) to let them view and print your team’s supports. Perfect for sharing supports with parents, conference or presentation attendees, and viewer labs. Read more…


Your supports, wherever you need them

Symbly features unparalleled mobile integration. Your entire support library is automatically synced wirelessly to your iPad so you can take it anywhere. Read more about Symbly Go…

Great for Student Devices
Install the Symbly iPad app on your student’s personal device, and know they’ll always have the latest supports you create right away.

Works Anywhere
The Symbly App smartly syncs when you have an Internet connection available, but you can then take your supports with you — even to the middle of nowhere.

Included for Free
Did we mention the Symbly iPad App is a free companion to your existing Symbly subscription? We want all of our subscribers to have access to this incredibly useful tool.

Symbly is the App for That

You no longer need to settle for purchasing twenty different uncustomizable iPad apps for schedules, timers, communication boards, storybooks…Create any type of visual support on Symbly and it works on iPad, too.

iPad Editing

While we think the best editing experience will always be on the desktop, you can now edit your visual supports right on your iPad. Perfect for making quick modifications on the go to schedules, or creating a transition board right when you need it.
Read more about iPad editing…

Text to Speech Built In

Advanced text-to-speech technology helps bring your supports alive for your users. Powered by Acapela Group for the most natural voices available. (Note: TTS requires additional one-time purchase of voice(s) at $4.99 each).

Coming Soon — we’re always improving

More Interactivity

We’re actively working to expand our interactivity options, and we’ll be rolling out some great new features soon like draggables and droppables.

Video Embedding

Soon you’ll be able to embed videos directly in your supports. We’ll take care of making sure that they play flawlessly on the computer and on the iPad.

Support Versioning

While our syncing and collaboration technology is powerful, sometimes you just want to make sure you never lose anything. Coming soon, you’ll be able to see a list of every version of each of your supports, so you can rollback to any point in time — like before your teammate Brad thought it was a good idea to delete all those pages in the communication board.


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