Support for iPad editing is here!

Many of our users have told us that they would love to be able to edit supports on the go. We’re pleased to report that we’ve just rolled out support today for editing supports with Symbly right on your iPad (running iOS 5 or above) with the Safari mobile web browser! So you don’t even need to install an app to do it.

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Viewing supports on iPad Safari

As more and more people begin using Symbly (which we love!), I’m constantly amazed at the new ways people end up using the service that I never would have considered. For example, we’ve noticed a pattern where many of our users are browsing the Symbly site on the iPad Safari mobile browser. I don’t know why it never occurred to us that people would want to do this, but it didn’t! One of the major roadblocks that these users kept running into was the fact that we didn’t allow even viewing supports on mobile browsers. We anticipated that anyone who wanted to view a support with a mobile device would use the Symbly Go iPad App. What we didn’t consider, though, was that you can only browse your own supports on the Symbly Go app. So, if you wanted to view public supports, or a support that someone sent you via a sharing link, you would have to log into a desktop computer, copy the support, and then view it on your iPad. How annoying!

I’m pleased to report that we’ve corrected this major oversight. Starting today, you can browse the entire Symbly site optimized for iPad. And if you go to view a support, you’ll be able to! The one thing you can’t do right now is edit supports on the iPad (or other mobile browsers). While we could enable it, it just doesn’t work very well. The interface is designed around using a keyboard and mouse, not fingers! We’re working hard to re-design a new version of the editor with multi-touch tablets (like the iPad) in mind, though, so stay tuned!

So where does the Symbly Go app fit into all of this? The Symbly Go app is designed to keep an offline library of your supports so you can take them anywhere. It’s still the best way to view supports on your iPad that you use all the time. It’s also the only option we offer right now that lets you use text-to-speech with your supports. But, now you have the added option of accessing all of your supports (even those you aren’t syncing to Symbly Go) and public supports whenever you have an Internet connection available.

Thanks for all the great feedback from our users, and let us know how this new feature helps you make even better use of Symbly!

Symbly Go is Now Available on the App Store

Update Feburary 2nd: The Symbly Go App is available on the App Store! You can access it by searching for “symbly”, or following this link directly. Thanks for your patience!

While Symbly has officially launched to the public, unfortunately the Symbly Go iPad app has not yet been approved for listing in the Apple App Store. Due to Apple’s process, we currently have no firm date on when it will be available, but we are hopeful that it will be listed within the next few business days.

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Beta Approaches, New Demo Video!

As we near the start of our closed beta and our eventual launch, things are really starting to come together in the world of Symbly development. The website is up and running, and has all the great social features that we know our users are going to want: sharing supports, commenting, rating, searching, and tagging. Our online editor is ready, with more advanced features being added every day. And finally, our iPad app is currently in the queue to be approved by Apple, hopefully within the next week. We’re very excited about all this great progress, and look forward to the day (very soon!) when we’ll be able to open our doors and share Symbly with the rest of the world.

In the meantime, we have a new demo video up on the front page of the site, which gives a brief overview of what Symbly is and what it can do. You can also check it out below:

We hope that you are as excited about Symbly as we are, and if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, don’t forget to drop us a line and let us know.

Welcome to Symbly

Creating and sharing visual supports including communication boards, social narratives, and others is a core part of any professional’s toolkit when working with students and clients with a variety of disabilities. However, the current tools and offerings that allow you to create those supports are increasingly falling behind current trends and failing to innovate. We’re creating Symbly to change that. Read more…