Support for iPad editing is here!

Many of our users have told us that they would love to be able to edit supports on the go. We’re pleased to report that we’ve just rolled out support today for editing supports with Symbly right on your iPad (running iOS 5 or above) with the Safari mobile web browser! So you don’t even need to install an app to do it.

This is an exciting new platform for us to support, and while there are still probably a couple of bugs we haven’t found, we felt that the iPad editing feature was stable enough to go ahead and launch it to all of our users. Be sure to watch the video below to see how to edit on the iPad, since there are a few “tricks” to it (it will also appear the first time you try and edit a support on your iPad):

Note that you currently edit supports on your iPad via the Safari Mobile web browser, not the Symbly Go app (which at this time is still only used for viewing supports on the go). You need an active Internet connection to edit supports right now, although this will be changing in a future update to the Symbly Go app to allow it to support offline editing of supports.

Enjoy editing supports on your iPad with Symbly, and let us know how it goes!

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