Introducing Symbly Go for iPad

We’re very excited today to introduce Symbly Go, the companion app to Symbly available now for the iPad on the Apple App Store. We’ve had a vision for a long time of Symbly as a “complete package”, and the Symbly Go app is the last major piece to that puzzle.

Symbly Go does one simple thing: it seamlessly allows you to have access to your library of visual supports wherever you need them. It’s completely uncomplicated to set up and use. Just log in with your Symbly account and it takes care of the rest, downloading your supports in the background whenever you have an active Internet connection. After the initial download, you can go anywhere, even where there isn’t an Internet connection via Wifi or 3G, and you’ll still be able to access and use your supports. As you make changes to your supports on the Symbly website, those supports are downloaded whenever an Internet connection is available to your iPad. And if you’re really looking for real-time updates, the Symbly Go app supports our innovative real-time collaboration technology, allowing you to see updates come through to your iPad immediately.

If you have more specific needs, the Symbly Go app allows you to dive in and customize. You can ask it to sync only a part of your supports (great for setting it up on a client’s device, for example) based on support name or tag. You can also have it sync down all or none of the supports from your Symbly Teams.

The Symbly Go app also supports text-to-speech (TTS) with voices provided by Acapela Group. There is an additional one-time charge (separate from the Symbly subscription, and non-recurring) for each voice. Other apps are selling these same voices for $50+ — we’ve priced them at just $4.99, or about 90% less.

And did we mention the Symbly Go app itself is completely Free? All you need is an active Symbly subscription (or trial subscription). So what are you waiting for! Go and download it today (just search for “symbly” on the App Store, or follow this link on your iPad). We think you’ll find it invaluable for taking your supports with you wherever and whenever you need them.

If there are any ways we can improve the Symbly Go app, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re already planning on adding in some great additional features (see the “Coming Soon” section at the bottom of our Tour page), but we’re always open to feedback and new ideas.

In addition, here’s a video with a more complete overview showing everything that the Symbly Go app can do:


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Riley Dutton is the co-founder of Symbly. He's a technical guru with more than 7 years experience working with web-based and mobile platforms. He has worked in special education for more than 5 years. His passion is making complicated tasks simple through excellent user experience. Contact him anytime at

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