Symbly Go is Now Available on the App Store

Update Feburary 2nd: The Symbly Go App is available on the App Store! You can access it by searching for “symbly”, or following this link directly. Thanks for your patience!

While Symbly has officially launched to the public, unfortunately the Symbly Go iPad app has not yet been approved for listing in the Apple App Store. Due to Apple’s process, we currently have no firm date on when it will be available, but we are hopeful that it will be listed within the next few business days.

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Visual Supports: A high return on investment for all


Visual supports. We all use them. In fact, if we didn’t we would all probably be late to meetings, miss our exit on the highway and be wandering around unfamiliar buildings trying to find the right room.

Children with autism and other disabilities rely on visual supports just as much, and sometimes more, than we do. Often visual learning is a strength for children with autism, so putting instructions, schedules, behavior supports, reinforcement, etc. in visual form can help the child process, learn and be successful.

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Symbly’s real-time collaboration — work with others, from anywhere

This post is part of a series examining a few of the great features of Symbly as we approach our public launch. Symbly launches on January 28!

One of the greatest advantages of web-based software is the ability to use it from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about carrying around installation CD’s, and there are no fears of going over your “activation limit” for a serial number. You just enter a URL into the browser on any computer and login to your account. But beyond that basic ease of use, Symbly takes it one step further by giving you the option to collaborate with other users in real-time.

Real-time collaboration means that two (or five, or ten, or more!) Symbly users can have the same support open at the same time. As one edits, the other other sees those changes happening right away. It enables our users to collaborate in real-time across any distance.

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Symbly Teams — Because it’s always better to work together

This post is part of a series highlighting a few of Symbly’s great features as we approach launch day. Symbly launches to the public on January 28!

In the philosophy behind Symbly, one of our strongest tenets is the belief that the special education community needs to be empowered to work together. That’s why, from the very beginning, we’ve always known that Symbly should include sharing as a primary feature. However, sometimes you want to be a bit more focused in your sharing, rather that sharing a support with the entire world. Perhaps you have a group of colleagues that need to collaborate on a student’s team. Or, you want to create a team that all Symbly users can join centered around a broader topic, such as “Supports for Elementary Students”. The Symbly teams feature allows you to do just that.

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