Symbly Has Everything You’d Expect…

  • An easy drag and drop interface
  • Symbols from SymbolStix, the Noun Project, and Mulberry symbol sets.
  • Fast, powerful symbol and web search
  • Device templates for common AAC devices
  • Printing and export to PDF
  • Tagging and searching to help you stay organized even when you have hundreds of supports
  • Works right in your browser, access it from anywhere
  • Nothing to install, no updates to buy
  • Outstanding, five-star customer support -- we answer every question personally and promptly

…Plus Entirely New Features!

  • Full support for viewing and editing supports right from your iPad
  • Real-time collaboration to let you work with anyone no matter where they are
  • Interactivity including check marks and page linking
  • Share supports with anyone, even if they don't have a Symbly account
  • Teams to collaborate with colleagues and parents
  • Save time and find inspiration by starting from a shared support
  • No lab licenses needed -- have an unlimited number of computers set up to view the supports you create

Highlighted How-To Video: Symbly Go

    Highlighted How-To Video: Symbly Go

    See how the Symbly Go app for iPad lets you view supports on the go, even without an Internet connection

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What Our Users Are Saying

  • What Our Users Are Saying

    "Symbly is beautifully designed to be a very easy to use resource for schools, parents and health professionals. It has all the essential features required to quickly create and share easy-to-read symbol resources – both on the desktop, the tablet interface and in paper. With symbols available from a range of sources, including some fantastic open source symbols,  a well thought out user interface, and a truly multi-platform engine,  Symbly represents the future in applications."

  • What Our Users Are Saying

    "I am so excited to see tools like Symbly become a reality. Finally, a simple, efficient way to create, adapt, and share visual supports for learning and communicating...It's a tool we can use to truly collaborate with our colleagues, our students, and their families."